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BHX 200 / 200/D – compact, smart, vertical 

With the BHX 200 series the next generation of compact, vertical CNC-technology on less than 10 m² is ready. Strongly equipped with two individually moveable high-speed drilling heads and CNC-controlled clamping devices the BHX 200 provides a great deal of power. And for dowel processing we have developed the BHX 200/D.

BHX 200 – Character 

Never before has a processing center been that easy to operate - by the innovative control central powerTouch you operate the most important functions simply with a touch.

CNC-controlled clamping system...
No-vacuum fixing and precise positioning of workpieces. Thus you do not require any vacuum power and setting times are not required at all.

Flexible capacity...
The processing height goes from 50 mm to 1250 mm

High-speed drilling spindles...
36 individually selectable high-speed drilling spindles in split-head-technology ensure considerably faster drilling. NEW: Additonal configuration 25-spindles (15 vertical | 10 horizontal) available.

Powerful routing spindle with changer...
With the efficient 9 kW HSK routing spindle, the 4-fold tool changer as well as the tiltable grooving saw the standard machine is already perfectly equipped.

Compact power pack...
Less than 10 m² installation space are required.

Vertical CNC Processing Center BHX 200

powerControl with powerTouch

Saving resources, saving money with ecoPlus

Modern surfaces

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