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woodCAD|CAM - software for the industry  

The industry is using woodCAD|CAM particularly for the parametric design of cabinets. Especially manufacturers with a high variety or custom-made products simplify their processes with woodCAD|CAM technology. The industry treasures the direct generation of part lists and CNC programs; the system allows an easy transfer of design data and part lists into further systems. As result, woodCAD|CAM becomes a data provider for ERP systems and manufacturing control systems. Furthermore woodCAD|CAM itself has numerous functions for transferring structured geometry and manufacturing data to manufacturing plants and machining centers. Further functionalities are specific administrative tools, which allow the generation of production batches. HOMAG Group software modules like woodWOP, woodNest or CutRite for cut optimization are seamlessly integrated. The product edition woodCAD|CAM PROFI is perfectly tailored to the special needs of the industry and makes it an ideal Add-on to your Homag Group Machinery.

Further down we show you the highlights of woodCAD|CAM. For further information about the industry-specific solution please download the brochure woodCAD|CAM Details.

woodCAD|CAM is available in software versions, which are tailored to the functions and capabilities of your HOMAG machine: HOLZMA, BHX 050/055, VENTURE, VANTAGE and PROFI. High performance Add-ons for customer individual solutions round the respective product options off perfectly.


Room planning, photorealism & quotation
woodCAD|CAM provides a detailed planning of complex room situations as well as an illustrative customer presentation, where the measurement is transferred in the CAD system. The room can be planned with all wall openings and components including purchased objects. Individual furniture types can be composed and configured in a catalog and exactly positioned in the 3D room plan. After that the article prices can be calculated and edited as a professional quotation. The integrated rendering function supports the sales process and displays the materials and colours automatically, which have been defined in the planning.

    Parametric & free design
woodCAD|CAM ensures a fast solution for the required design tasks. The module for similar or dimension independent designs meets the requirements in cabinet- and object designs referring to parametric components. The design module for 3D modelling offers flexibility and individuality. Individual parts can be freely assembled on the screen in 3D. The procedure is similar to the final assembly of a furniture element. Parts, edges, connectors, machining etc. can be interactively aligned on the screen. The shape must be defined first before profiles, materials and fittings can be allocated.
  Drawing output & part lists
woodCAD|CAM enables complete dimensioned production drawings and exploded views to create an assembly aid. Sections are created with special commands for any cut levels. If the design is modified, the sections adjust themselves accordingly. woodCAD|CAM has a range of functions for administration, sorting and print of part lists. The part list data can be optionally transferred directly to the cut optimization. Besides the classical part lists the system also supports the output of a graphical part list.
    Catalogs & connection technology
A comprehensive library with intelligent and parametrical connections allows a fast and safe design. woodCAD|CAM analysis the connection situation, selects suitable connection elements optional with the necessary accessories, sets the fittings by the means of parametrical rules and generates workings such as drillings or grooves on adjacent parts. Drawings, part list information or CNC programs are automatically updated. The catalogs provide panel materials, materials, fittings and much more. These data can be updated online on website’s service menu at any time.
    CNC programming
The outstanding advantage of woodCAD|CAM is the automatic CNC programming for HOMAG Group machinery. Detailed machining data can be already derived from the planning and design. From the individual CNC machine and then over to the workshop unit out of saw, edge and CNC including 5 axis machines up to full automatic industrial plants a professional and economical CNC connection is possible. A suitable identification of a work element is via barcode. All required CNC programs are directly generated from the 3D design for the complete order including all parameters.


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