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New WEEKE Venture BMG 110 Series - CNC processing made easy
WEEKE’s new Venture BMG 110 Series has raised the bar for technically advanced compact CNC machines.

HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff 2016: New record for incoming orders
This year's HOMAG Group Treff—the 24th HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff—was the most successful yet: The sales team used the platform of this industry event held in the Black Forest to great effect.

inspiration Issue HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff September 2016
Integrated solutions from the compact stand-alone machine to the automated batch size 1 plant and innovative developments for furniture and structural element production - look forward to two exciting upcoming industry Treffs.

HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff 2016 - Exchange of experiences included
The HOMAG Group will be presenting its current highlights and showcasing trends in furniture as well as flooring, window, staircase and door production at this year’s Treffs.

The all new BÜTFERING SWT 200 Series sanding machine
The all new BÜTFERING SWT 200 Series carries on that tradition offering highly flexible and compact sanding solutions.

New Entry Level 5-axis CNC Centre From WEEKE
The introduction of WEEKE’s new entry level 5-axis Venture BMG 115 CNC represents a real milestone, bringing complex CNC production within the reach of the smaller manufacturer.
HOLZMA Cut Rite05/09/2016

HOLZMA Cut Rite cut optimization: New features for nesting in particular
With the right cut optimization, you can save material, time, and money — both in cutting as well as in nesting. It is therefore even more important that the optimization software is always up to date and always offers the best features.
Kundenzeitung inspiration HOLZ-HANDWERK 201605/01/2016

inspiration issue XYLEXPO Mai 2016
Complex sequences simply depicted: From innovative stand-alone machines to networked plants. A look into the future of the completely digitalized world. And: woodFlex for the control and visualization of flexible production cells and their part flow.

The 5-Axis Technology of WEEKE and HOMAG - versatile, flexible, powerful!
The "Freestyler" Venture 115 and the Two-in-One" machine BMG312/V at Xylexpo Fair 2016 in Milan

Nesting – the art of converting raw boards
Nesting is a very efficient method of processing components out of large, raw boards. Rather than using two machines, a beam saw and a CNC, the nesting CNC allows the operations to be done on the one machine.
Kundenzeitung inspiration HOLZ-HANDWERK 201602/10/2016

inspiration Issue HOLZ-HANDWERK March 2016
A new five-axis machine for entry-level users, a new series of sanding machines, a very interestingly priced panel dividing saw, and everything you need for edge processing (including zero joints

World premiere in CNC and sanding technology
A new five-axis machine for entry-level users and a very interestingly priced panel dividing saw — those are just a few of the highlights that await visitors to HOMAG City at HOLZ-HANDWERK.

Dynamic drilling with perfect handling
Dynamic drilling with the WEEKE BST 800 and a perfect handling by HOMAG Automation - the HOMAG Group drilling line is the solution for drilling in serial production. The perfectly synchronized operating cell.

HOMAG Group CNC Handling solutions with Automated Loading System TBA
A combination of a HOMAG Group CNC handling solution and an automated loading system TBA shows how to convert off-peak times and break times into productive times
HOMAG und HOLZMA Treff08/05/2015

inspiration Issue HOMAG HOLZMA Treff August 2015
LIGNA highlights at the HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff September 22-25! Experience the highlights up close and in detail – at the HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff 2015.

WEEKE: Well positioned in Schopfloch and Holzbronn
Process optimization, automation and customization - these are the key topics of the WEEKE exhibits at the HOMAG Group Treff 2015.

LIGNA Feedback 2015
In the fields of CNC Technology, Drilling Technology and Sanding Technology WEEKE Bohrysteme GmbH focused on proven technologies which were improved in specific areas.
Kundenzeitung Customer Magazine inspiration04/13/2015

inspiration Issue LIGNA 2015
At LIGNA, the HOMAG Group will be exhibiting integrated solutions from the “Compact 80 m² workshop” through to a 100 meter long totally networked batch size one plant.

In the fields of CNC Technology, Drilling Technology and Sanding Technology WEEKE focuses on proven technologies which have been improved in specific areas. "Process Optimization", "Automation" and "Customization". And the phenomenon: the BHX 050/055.

New software version: woodWOP 7
The new version 7 of the woodWOP programming software from the HOMAG Group is heralding a new era in machine-oriented programming.
HOMAG Group LIGNA 2015 - Halle 2601/29/2015

BINGO — "26" wins. Welcome to HOMAG City!
Large and small solutions from a single source can be found in a compact space in Hall 26 at LIGNA. The HOMAG City presents integrated solutions, from a "compact workshop over an area of 80 m²" up to a fully networked batch size 1 system with 100 meters.

Efficiency is the principle requirement: Panel cutting technology without waste
As a systems provider, the HOMAG Group offers interesting combinations, such as the "store-saw-nesting combination" from HOMAG Automation, HOLZMA and WEEKE.

Competence at all CNC levels
CNC processing centers are no longer "only" machines, they are now top of the range when it comes to providing a solution for individual production tasks.
HOMAG und HOLZMA Treff 201410/05/2014

HOMAG & HOLZMA Treff: Record-beating visitor numbers and incoming orders
The new HOMAG Ambition series and the HOLZMA 5 series unveiled at this year’s two Treff events created what has been termed a “massive impact”.

inspiration Issue HOMAG HOLZMA Treff August 2014
A single entry-level machine can develop into a compact and networked production system. You’ll find the technology, software and services at HOLZMA & HOMAG Treff — the hub for carpenters and production managers from all over the world.
BARGSTEDT Flächenlager, Lagerrsystem für vernetzte Prozesse 05/14/2014

The Cell manages itself
How do I avoid unnecessary material movements, too high stocks, or long throughput times in the furniture production? At the Holz-Handwerk Homag Group demonstrated that linked machines answer these questions themselves best.

Growing with the HOMAG Group - inspiration Xylexpo 2014
A partner to rely on as you expand: With a complete batch size 1 plant and smart workshop concepts – including matching operating and data concepts – the HOMAG Group will be demonstrating how efficient modern production can be at the Xylexpo 2014.

At this year's HOLZ-HANDWERK in Nürnberg WEEKE Bohrsysteme GmbH will be presenting a wide-ranging technology portfolio.
HOMAG Group Kundenzeitschrift customer magazine02/11/2014

inspiration Issue Holz-Handwerk February 2014
Growing with the HOMAG Group What starts out today as a compact workshop fitting into an area of below 80 square meters can evolve into an entry-level industrial-scale solution tomorrow...

Storing. Sawing. Routing and polishing.
Ideal storage, careful transportation, accurate cutting to size and precision CNC processing of plastic panels. Our high-performance machines allow you to take full advantage of these benefits.

Hghlights at the HOLZMA Treff 2013
Under the motto "We set the trends", HOLZMA again impressed customers, interested parties, and business partners from all over the world with a number of innovations.

HOLZMA Treff 2013
Drilling on the saw and robot destacking: HOLZMA sets new trends at its 2013 in-house expo

Innovation of the year at the LIGNA:
powerTouch – a whole new dimension in machine operation

Record order intake already reached at LIGNA
Already after little more than four months into the year, the HOMAG Group has already broken through the 100 million Euro ceiling.
LIGNA 2013 – Eine MESSE mit WOW-Effekt!05/05/2013

LIGNA 2013 – A fair with WOW effect!
Due to the quite wide range of visitors it was correct again, to present our complete portfolio. In this context, top priority was given to our new positioning of the sanding technology of the BÜTFERING brand.
World premiere BHX 20004/02/2013

WEEKE at the LIGNA 2013
All good things come in „fours“: WEEKE Bohrsysteme produces high-quality machines and provides services which focus on four technological sectors: CNC Technology, Drilling Technology, Assembly Systems and the Sanding Technology of the BÜTFERING brand.
Verschmelzung BÜTFERING WEEKE10/01/2012

BÜTFERING: Merger with WEEKE completed as planned
"We are making good progress!" Ulrich Hartner, Head of Sales of the division "Sanding Machines" is pleased, "Our sales department is working at full speed and our engineering team is pushing forward the developments – That's great!"

Flexibility is the key:
The HOLZMA Treff 2012 in-house expo was all about combining technologies to meet needs

HOLZMA Treff 2012
"Flexible combinations" is the slogan for the HOLZMA open house 2012, which takes place from 25 to 28 September each day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m . Please read more about the highlights...

HOLZMA Treff 2012
Is now available: The new customer magazine "Cutting Edge News". We will talk about two of our customers and give you details of the HOLZMA Treff 2012. Again joining our HOLZMA Treff: BARGSTEDT, BRANDT, BÜTFERING, HOMAG, HOMAG eSOLUTION, LIGMATECH, WEEKE.

Project business success: HOMAG Group breaks through the 100 million Euro barrier
Despite the current economic conditions, the HOMAG Group has succeeded after just five months in breaking through the EUR 100 million barrier in order intake for its project business.

MAJA backs HOMAG Group high-tech once again
With ten years of successful partnership already behind them, innovative furniture producer MAJA-MÖBELWERK GmbH has once again opted to invest heavily with the HOMAG Group.

WEEKE at Xylexpo 2012 – CNC Made in Germany
WEEKE Bohrsysteme GmbH is demonstrating its two core areas of expertise – drilling and CNC technology.