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Case studies

 A series causing exitement 

The Venture series, developed within the HOMAG Group by the companies WEEKE Bohrsysteme and HOMAG Holzbearbeitungssysteme, has become a success story.

In 2003 the idea to offer its customers a preconfigured product at an attractive price-performance ratio was certainly not new. Nevertheless, the machine concept of the Venture 3 and Venture 5 developed by WEEKE Bohrsysteme GmbH at that time raised much interest. The often-cited win-win situation came into effect. The production costs were reduced by standardization and economies of scale, thus putting WEEKE in a position to offer these machines to its customers at an attractive price. That was a success. About 50 machines of the Venture series were sold in 2003, the year of its market launch.


Extension of the successful range of products

Due to the consistent extension of the series in cooperation with the HOMAG Holzbearbeitungssysteme GmbH the series was further advanced in 2004. Now preconfigured, high-performance CNC technology was available, from the entry level up to high-tech solutions. HOMAG provides the high-end range of the CNC technology including 5-axis technology and band edging equipment . This group strategy has been well established in the course of the years. By August this year about 4000 Venture machines were successfully put in operation by HOMAG and WEEKE since 2004. So, what exactly are the factors guaranteeing the continued success of the Venture processing centers by WEEKE and HOMAG in spite of the global economic crisis, increasing raw material prices, global competition and inflation?

Keyword "Made in Germany": Despite the cost pressure the Venture machines of WEEKE and HOMAG are still exclusively manufactured and developed further in Herzebrock and Schopfloch. "Germany, the much-discussed production site, is and will remain a relatively expensive country in terms of labor costs. However, it plays an absolute pioneering role with respect to technology and quality. And we take this fact into account because WEEKE and HOMAG rely on "Made in Germany". Our customers value this, as well as our employees do" Tobias Schaible, managing director and responsible for Sales, Marketing and Service at WEEKE, explains. "Of course there are also products manufactured at production sites in China, India or the USA. This is a strategy to put us in a position to maintain important shares in the local markets and gain new shares as well. With the low price structure of these markets this can only be achieved by a local production. The machines built at these locations are based on a "simple" technological standard and offered in a very small variety compared to the global market. Moreover, the reduced costs for transport and import represent further potential savings enabling us to compete with the prices of local competitors. On these markets, however, inquiries involving higher technological demands are still served by the Venture series. This global, mixed strategy ensures full employment, high production capacity utilization and finally secures jobs at the German production sites in Herzebrock and Schopfloch. After all, the core values of the HOMAG Group are "satisfied customers", "satisfied employees" and "satisfied investors". "Made in Germany" has tradition and therefore we feel obligated to always meet this well-established quality standard. Our commitment is to maintain the trust our customers place in us in the long run. For this reason each of our Venture machines is manufactured here in Germany", Mr. Schaible adds.

Keyword "Quality": The Venture series offers among others the following quality characteristics: Closed cable conduits and linear guides have been included in the standard since the very beginning in 2003, this is not common practice in this market segment. In addition, the ecoPlus components, such as e. g. the controlled extraction connection which ensures that the extraction power is only activated where it is actually needed, are also included as standard features of all Ventures. Some Venture versions are already provided with a machine frame made of high-tech material for intensive solid wood processing. By high-speed vibration absorption the material SORB TECH ensures absolute "quietness" during operation of the machine and longer tool service life.

Keyword "Flexibility": Although many customers concentrate on certain production procedures, they often demand a high degree of flexibility of the CNC machines. The Venture series offers the compromise between standardization and customization. For example, there are different table and length variations on offer. Even high-end solutions with edge banding unit and fifth axis are available. HOMAG offers the fixed integrated axis, WEEKE the fifths axis as Flex5 aggregate. The question whether it is more efficient to choose the machine version or the aggregate version completely depends on the requirements of the customer. A general decision for one of the two solutions would not be in the interest of the customer.

Keyword "Synergy": The identical components and software applications, such as woodWOP, which are also used in the Venture series, underline the group-uniform presence and the synergy effects. This applies to the two manufacturers of the Venture as well as to the customers.

Outlook "2012": WEEKE will introduce three new Venture versions at the Holz-Handwerk Trade Fair in Nürnberg. The Venture 220, 230 and 240. HOMAG will supplement the portfolio regarding edges and window construction by the types Venture 313 and 320. These new types will also be equipped to the benefit of the customer.


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